‘Remember when God rescued Noah and his family in the ark?

He continues to rescue families – yours and mine – just like that today.

He rescues us from darkness and brings us into light.

He builds godly nations, one family at a time.

He holds families close to His heart, and purposes to refine, restore, and invigorate them if they listen to His wisdom.

Even more – He has chosen families to be the safe and intimate environment in which you and I can learn how to have lasting relationships, how to forgive and be forgiven, how to serve and be served, as well as how to love God and be loved by Him. The family is a powerful place and I’ve grown to love it deeply.

We show others how vast and caring our God is when we let Him heal our families. (Not to mention, our hearts break open in praise, too!)

Whether you are a mother, father, daughter, or son, God can do a mighty work through you to bless your family, and glorify His name.

You might have to follow Him through difficult decisions, sacrifices, and humility, but He will lead you into the light of healing and freedom.

I’d love to encourage you along the way.

As I discover God’s wisdom for building our little family, I love to share it with my readers, so that we all can enjoy the peace and joy of God’s precious gift: family.

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I’ll see you along the way.

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